Professional Learning

Professional Learning at Dehong International Chinese School

Dehong International Chinese School is committed to providing professional learning opportunities to all staff.  We support our staff members’ professional and personal learning journey through meaningful learning opportunities both within schools and across our Group. We believe in embedding a strong culture of continuous learning that is founded on our educational ethos and core values.

Professional Learning at Dehong International Chinese School will:

  • Maximise the quality of experiences, opportunities and outcomes for our students
  • Encompass a holistic approach to learning
  • Support professional standards
  • Support school development plans and individual goals
  • Contribute to the wider professional practice of each of our schools

Action research and cross-college collaborative projects are an integral part of Professional Learning at our school, with staff members from across the network regularly working together on action research and group-wide initiatives.  Staff members at all levels of experience are encouraged to propose and conduct action research or other projects and to submit the results for publication in The Dulwich Lab, our online R&D platform. Our internal training programme is also available to Dehong International Chinese School through our online ConnectED platform.