Dehong Founder’s Day Celebration

In April 1847, Rong Hong arrived in New York and became the first ever Chinese student to graduate from Yale University. He was a pioneer who made it his life’s work to educate future generations of Chinese students by bringing his experiences of international modernization to China.  

In order to commemorate the legendary experience of Rong Hong as well as to encourage Dehong students to pass on the spirit of innovation and creation, Dehong chose this day as our Founder’s Day. 

More than 600 parents and guests attended the celebration and witnessed the achievements made by Dehong students since the school opened. Leaders from Dulwich College International and other government officials attended the ceremony.

On April 20, the campus was divided into five major areas. They were:


The swimming pool was transformed into Huangpu Port where we held the Dehong Falcons House Swimming Competition and the Super Daddy Swimming Competition.


Not only did we have interesting interactive sports such as basketball, golf, fencing, baseball, and tennis, but also thrilling activities such as obstacle training competitions, jungle crossing, rock climbing, and other exciting games for students to try.


The Chaplin Show and Chinese Shadow Play were held in the theatre. Plus, Mendelssohn: Piano Trio No.1, jointly was presented by Dehong students and their music teacher.


Students made ice cream, pottery and created a 400-year anniversary painting for Dulwich College with their teachers.


Dehong students showed their talents on the stage, and the Dehong Community Choir had their debut performance. Also, the design of Dehong Phase II was displayed.

Over the mere 2 years since the school started, our students feel very positive about Dehong. Though we cannot tell what the future holds, we believe that every student in Dehong will live out the school motto “foster virtue and inspire talent” and realize their full potential.

Let’s start with our virtues and deeds here in Dehong.