Dulwich College Head Boys Visit

This Monday, Titus Hopkins, Harry Goodwin, and Boris Ter-Avanesov, Head Boys of Dulwich College visited Dehong.

Under Dehong students' leadership, the head boys first visited SE21. They were impressed by the function of SE21, courses, and activities. After this, they visited the swimming pool, gym, theater, and the Guo Xue classroom, and participated in the Diversity workshops with the students.

The Head Boys also participated in the flag-raising ceremony and listened to the event report by Grade 5 students. After the ceremony, they went to elementary school and watched the Chinese, mathematics and art lessons. Finally, they visited the middle school and answered questions about life at Dulwich College. 

Though it was a short and intensive visit, they were impressed by the passion of our students as well as the profoundness of the Chinese culture.