From our Headmaster

I am very privileged to be the founding Headmaster of Dehong International Chinese School.

Today’s world is not the world our children will inherit. At Dehong International Chinese School, we help students prepare for an indefinable future. We need to help our students to learn about the present world and guide them so they can face unexpected challenges and play their part in making the world a better place.

As an educator, I have had many years of experience teaching in China and overseas, as well as founding both Chinese and international schools. It has always been a dream of mine to found a high-standard international Chinese school, where the best of the West meets the best of the East, and every child grows happily and healthily.

I envision a school that encourages children not only to acquire the knowledge and skills to prepare them for further study, but to create, collaborate, communicate, and think critically. I see a school that gives them experiences to build their confidence and help them understand and identify with their community, their country and the world. I am sure it is not only a dream of mine, but also one of parents and their children. My colleagues and I are committed to making this dream a reality.

Dehong International Chinese School is a school where every child is inspired. Every student knows their place in the world, strives for moral and academic excellence, and is full of confidence and creativity. Dehong International Chinese School is looking forward to welcoming you.

Jon Fei

Founding Headmaster