Mission & Philosophy


With the integrated essence of eastern and western education, The School aspires to enable every child to be a future global citizen with moral and academic excellence, and full of confidence and creativity.


We take a holistic approach to every child’s learning and school experience, aiming to develop students intellectually, morally, socially and spiritually. This includes a variety of stimulating, challenging and fun learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom that develop the 6Cs.


Through activities such as drama, debates and leadership projects, Dehong students develop confidence in public speaking and performance.

Art and design, music, robotics and other creative pursuits enable our students to come up with innovative and original ideas, both in terms of self-expression and problem solving.

Critical Thinking
Our teachers use an approach based on critical enquiry to help students ask questions and challenge their sources of information.

Dehong students learn how to work well with others and set common goals via collaborative and team-based project work across all subjects in the curriculum.

Frequent opportunities for making presentations, working in a team and taking leadership roles help students listen and communicate clearly and effectively.

Our students are encouraged to take responsibility for their role in society and make a positive contribution to the lives of others through charity work and a sense of community.