School Heritage

Our Heritage

Dehong International Chinese School is a Chinese owned School offering a 12- year education to Chinese nationals. It is located in the Qizhong villa area of Maqiao, Minhang District, Shanghai, and opened its doors on 1 September 2017.

Dehong is a sister school of the Dulwich College International (DCI) schools and offers a combined programme comprising the Shanghai compulsory curriculum enhanced with the Dulwich educational philosophy and pedagogy. The Shanghai Education Commission will assess the Shanghai compulsory curriculum, while DCI will act as academic advisors for the other (non-compulsory) aspects, such as co-curricular activities, safeguarding and the school’s pedagogical approach. 

 “Dehong” is made up of the de (德) from dewei (德威) – the Chinese name for Dulwich College International- and the hong (闳) from Rong Hong(容闳), who was the great-grandfather of a co-founder of DCI and the first Chinese-born student to graduate from an American university, Yale. He was a pioneer who made it his life’s work to educate future generations of Chinese students by bringing his experiences of international modernisation to China.

As part of the DCI family, Dehong students will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and benefit from DCI initiatives. These include the DCI University Counselling programme and a diverse range of events. DCI’s University Counselling team are experienced in placing students in US, UK and other top universities around the world including the Ivy League, Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities. In the past, DCI events have included life stories, lectures and master classes from a Hollywood producer, a Grammy award-winning musician, practitioners from the Royal Shakespeare Company, Michelin Star chefs and an Olympic coach.  

Mr. Jianhua Fei, former Deputy Principal of Suzhou High School province and Principal of Suzhou Lida School, is the founding Headmaster of Dehong. Educational advisors will include Dr Cameron Pyke, Deputy Master External at Dulwich College, and Mr. John Todd, former Headmaster of Dulwich College Suzhou and currently Regional Director of Schools in China for DCI.  

Our Four Houses

Like its sister Dulwich College International schools, Dehong has adopted the House system as a fundamental part of its all-embracing approach to educating children. All elementary, middle and high school students and staff are allocated to one of four Houses and remain with the same House during their time at Dehong.

Our four Houses are named after exemplary leaders in their fields, men and women who displayed courage, perseverance, commitment and charity throughout their lives. Our students will learn from leaders of the past to become leaders of the future, and at Dehong we will continually educate our students about positive social values.

Our four houses are: Rong Hong, Song, Shackleton, and Earhart.

Rong Hong

Named after Rong Hong (1828 – 1912), also known as Yung Wing. When Rong Hong graduated from Yale University in 1854, he became the first Chinese student ever to graduate from an American university. Born in Zhuhai, Rong Hong is commonly known as the “Father of Chinese Overseas Students” and "Forefather of the Modernisation of China", and his greatest achievement was to persuade the imperial Qing Court to permit the "Chinese Educational Mission".


Named after Song Qingling (1893-1981). Song Qingling held several prominent positions, representing the Chinese Government in her travels abroad in the early 1950s. She demonstrated an unswerving commitment to human rights and the elimination of poverty. She was Honorary President of the All China Women’s Federation and formed the China Welfare Institute, dedicated to the welfare of children. She was named Honorary President of the People’s Republic of China in 1981, making her the first female president of an Asian country. We would like our students to love the world. 


Named after Ernest Shackleton (1874 – 1922). Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton was born in Ireland, graduated from Dulwich College and is hailed as one of the greatest explorers of the 20th century. Known for his great leadership and perseverance, Shackleton led a Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1915 that met disaster when his ship, the Endurance, became trapped in the Polar ice. Shackleton led his men to shelter and then sailed out in a small open boat (now on display at Dulwich College) to seek help. He returned and rescued his crew, all of whom survived the ordeal. We believe in fostering that spirit of strong leadership and drive to go beyond the possible in every student at our school.


Named after Amelia Earhart (1897 – c. 1939). Amelia Earhart was a pioneering aviator and figure of adventure. In 1923, she became the 16th woman in history to be issued a pilot's license. Later in her career she became the first person ever to fly over both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. We wish to foster the pioneering and adventurous spirit in our students.