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Dehong International Chinese School is a Chinese owned School offering a 12- year education to Chinese nationals. It is located in the Qizhong villa area of Maqiao, Minhang District, Shanghai, and opened its doors on 1 September 2017.

Dehong is a sister school of the Dulwich College International (DCI) schools and offers a combined programme comprising the Shanghai compulsory curriculum enhanced with the Dulwich educational philosophy and pedagogy. The Shanghai Education Commission will assess the Shanghai compulsory curriculum, while DCI will act as academic advisors for the other (non-compulsory) aspects, such as co-curricular activities, safeguarding and the school’s pedagogical approach. 

The name Dehong is made up from the elements of Dewei (the Chinese name of Dulwich) and 'the father of Chinese overseas students' Rong Hong (Yung Wing), who was the great-grandfather of a co-founder of DCI and the first Chinese-born student to graduate from an American university, Yale. He was a pioneer who made it his life's work to educate future generations of Chinese students by bringing his experiences of international modernisation to China.

As part of the DCI family, Dehong students will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and benefit from DCI initiatives. These include the DCI University Counselling programme and a diverse range of events. DCI's University Counselling team are experienced in placing students in the US, UK and other top universities around the world including the Ivy League, Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities. In the past, DCI events have included life stories, lectures and masterclasses from a Hollywood producer, a Grammy award-winning musician, practitioners from the Royal Shakespeare Company, Michelin Star chefs and an Olympic coach.  

Mr. Jianhua Fei, former Deputy Principal of Suzhou High School province and Principal of Suzhou Lida School, is the founding Headmaster of Dehong. 


Admission Telephone Number:021-3329 9458

Admission Email:

WeChat Official Account:  DCIS_Shanghai

If you would like to apply for Dehong, please click Student Information Collection Form above and fill in the form online. Dehong Admissions will contact you once the form was submitted.

Admissions Criteria

1) Children residing in Shanghai, born between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016, who meet the Minhang District entry requirements for private elementary schools.

2) Sound physical and mental health, with strong potential for learning.

1) Graduating Grade 5 primary school students who meet the Minhang District entry requirements for private junior high schools.

2) Sound physical and mental health, strong learning ability and a good foundation in English.

Our school is currently open for transfer applications for all grades except Grades 5 and 9. Transfer student applicants must meet our school’s evaluation standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of questions that our families often ask members of our admissions team.

Parents are advised to complete and submit the Student Information Collection Form online through the official website of our school, our official WeChat account (Shanghai Dehong). Then we will invite parents to participate in our open day activities at specified times.

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Dehong courses are based on Shanghai's second-phase curriculum reform, and both foreign and Chinese teachers are assigned to each class. Dehong emphasizes English-language teaching and offers an abundant variety of courses.

The requirements for applicants and the materials required for submission are listed below:

With a Shanghai household registry:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. First page of household registry, page of household head and the applicant
  3. ID cards of both parents
  4. Household registries for both parents

With a household registry in another part of Mainland China:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. First page of household registry, page of household head and the applicant
  3. Valid Shanghai Residence Permit
  4. ID cards of both parents
  5. Household registries for both parents
  6. Valid Shanghai Residence Permit of one of the parents

Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan resident:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Mainland travel permit for Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan residents
  3. Hong Kong or Macau permanent ID card
  4. Accommodation Registration Form for Visitors from Overseas (Registration with passport)
  5. Identification of both parents

Foreign citizen:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Accommodation Registration Form for Visitors from Overseas (Registration with passport)
  3. Valid travel visa and passport


Tuition for elementary school is RMB 77,000/semester, and RMB 90,000/semester for junior high school.

Dehong recruits its teachers globally. All of our Chinese teachers come with rich teaching experience, and foreign teachers are recruited according to the standards of Dulwich College Shanghai.

Interviews will be organized at a time specified by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission for primary school and junior high school applicants, and there are certain requirements for English proficiency regarding transfer applicants.

Dehong's high school is now open. more information can be found on High School.

GAs to our grade 5 and 9 students intending to enter Dehong's junior high and senior high schools, need only to pass the school's final exams and take the corresponding examinations as required by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

For applicants with non-Shanghai household registration, a Shanghai residence permit one of the parents shall be presented, and for details of the other materials to be submitted, see the form in question 4.

There is a school bus service, and the routes will be arranged according to the needs of the enrolled students.

All of Dehong's primary school and junior high school students enjoy the stated-recognized student status, and as such must be registered in the Shanghai Compulsory Education System. Senior High school students of Dehong who have passed Shanghai's Senior High School Entrance Examination will enjoy the student status of a Shanghai senior high school student.

We plan to enrol in four grade-one classes and two grade-six classes, with about 25 students in each class. The finalized admission plan for the year will be announced in our admissions brochure after it is approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Transfer applicants need to pass the corresponding learning capability test to meet the requirements of Dehong.

The proportion of teaching in English in elementary school and junior high school is increasing year by year. The Chinese course is taught 100% in Chinese, while mathematics and ethics courses are mainly in Chinese with English used as an auxiliary teaching language. Science, art, sports, music and other courses are bilingual.

The high school curriculum will help prepare students for higher education. The high school will follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) program commonly implemented by the Dulwich Education Group, which aims to lead students to world-class universities.

Dehong currently does not plan to open a kindergarten. Please follow our official WeChat account for school updates.

Yung Wing Scholarships


Mr. Yung Wing (Rong Hong),the ‘Father of Chinese Overseas Students’, once said: “ I was determined that the rising generation of China should enjoy the same educational advantages that I had enjoyed; that through western education China might be regenerated, become enlightened and powerful.” To carry on Mr. Yung’s pioneering spirit and patriotic sentiments, and his long-cherished wish to propel China through education, Dehong has established the “Yung Wing Scholarships", which aims to inspire more young people in China to pursue their dreams and academic aspirations and helps shape them into future leaders who will spearhead the development of China and even the world.

The "Yung Wing Scholarships" established by Dehong includes the "Dehong Scholar Award" and the "Yung Wing Scholar Award", which target students at high school and university levels, respectively:

  •  "Dehong Scholar Award" is open to students who apply to become first or second-year students at Dehong High School. It covers the tuition fees for studying at Dehong High School every year until graduation. Students who receive the Dehong Scholar Award should not only exhibit outstanding academic capability and good conduct, but also outstanding team spirit and leadership skills. At the same time, the school will also give personalised university counselling and support for the scholarship recipients to help them apply to leading universities in the world.
  •  The "Yung Wing Scholar Award" aims to commend the Dehong High School graduates who best embody the Yung Wing Spirit. The award will cover the university tuition for up to 4 years and support these students to further their studies in the world's top universities.

About "Dehong Scholar Award"

  • Open to current Grade 9 and Grade 10 students (both current Dehong students and transfer students)
  • One-time award in order to complete your schooling in Dehong High School
  • The final candidate will be decided by the Dehong Scholarship Committee

Application Procedure

   If you are applying for Dehong Grade 10,

  • Stage 1: Complete Scholarship Application Form and provide application materials (personal statement and proof for academic excellence, etc.)
  • Stage 2: In-School Preliminary Assessment Activities, including CAT4 and individual interview
  • Stage 3: In-School Final Assessment Activities, including group discussion in English/Chinese

    If you are applying for Dehong Grade 11,

  • Stage 1: Complete Scholarship Application Form and provide application materials (personal statement and proof for academic excellence, etc.)
  • Stage 2: In-School Preliminary Assessment Activities, including CAT4 and individual interview
  • Stage 3: In-School Final Assessment Activities 
    • Day 1: Chinese A, English A/B and group discussion in English
    • Day 2: Mathematics, one IBDP subject assessment based on subject interest

Application Materials

  • Scholarship Application Form, including personal information, education background, academic results, IBDP subject interest, etc.
  • Zhongkao results or first mock Zhongkao transcript or proof for academic excellence
  • Valid IELTS (academic) score(≥6.0)/ TOEFL equivalent score
  • Personal statement in English within 500 words

Please click and download the "Scholarship Application Form" above. Complete and send it along with the relevant materials to If you have any questions during the process, please call the Admission Office: 021-2325 1398.