About Us

About Dehong

Dehong International Chinese Schools are sister schools to Dulwich College International schools. Their shared vision is to create the best schools in the world. For Dehong, this means creating the best international Chinese schools, so that our students can make a positive difference for China and the world.

In this era of rapid development, China is leading in many areas and its influence on the world is undeniable. As a pioneer of global international education, we provide high quality progressive education, experienced international teaching teams, and school facilities that meet the needs of students' development in line with our future facing educational concept. We aim to ensure that everyone in our schools develops both physically and mentally.

The Dehong curriculum is a collaborative framework which provides a well-balanced programme encompassing both the Chinese compulsory curriculum and Dulwich College International's leading educational concepts and methodologies. We aspire to provide the very best of Chinese and international education to our students. Our ambition is that every Dehong student is instilled with a sense of pride for their national culture whilst benefitting from a holistic curriculum that advocates the importance of developing global perspectives.

Dehong Shanghai International Chinese School

Dehong Shanghai International Chinese School, opened on 1 September 2017 and located in the Qizhong villa area of Maqiao, Minhang District, offers a progressive learning plan from elementary school to high school. Our school offers an academic programme comprising of the Chinese compulsory curriculum combined with international elements with the support of experienced teaching teams. We aim to develop citizens of the world who understand traditional Chinese culture and are nurtured to develop an open, inclusive mentality.