SE21 encapsulates the way which Dehong students learn for life in the 21st century:

  • S = STEAM, an integrated, project-based approach to learning using the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths;
  • E = Ethical Entrepreneurship and Environment;
  • 21 = a framework of interconnected 21st century skills students need for success in school, university, work and beyond.

…and as we believe progress is built on tradition, SE21 is also the London postcode of Dulwich College, the founding school of Dulwich College International, our sister schools.

Learning in Dehong schools is designed to be meaningful and challenging, as well as exciting and creative. The SE21 approach is certainly all of that.

This learning can happen in a SE21 hub, where students have access to world-class facilities which provide the opportunity to investigate and respond to authentic problems or challenges using the very best of technology.

However, the SE21 approach to learning can happen anywhere where our students are engaged in solving problems using collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Developing these 21st century skills, by looking at important real-life issues, will help students make a positive difference for China and the world.

Learning in the SE21 way, Dehong students can be found researching, learning about academic honesty, prototyping their latest construction or testing a hypothesis. They may be studying the principles of financial literacy, assessing risks, practising how to make a successful 'passion pitch' or applying the design cycle to a new product. Their learning is experiential, hands-on and most importantly transdisciplinary, involving the transfer of knowledge and skills from the STEAM disciplines in a new context.

As an example, perhaps one group of students question why people use so much single-use plastic? They research to discover alternatives: reusable plastic bottles, metal bottles, ceramic or glass bottles and use Maths skills to generate graphs showing data collected. Research skills are developed online, in the library or through interviewing people in the community. Students discover where plastic bottles go once empty and decide to take action to change how water is provided in school. Curious, they investigate further and discover many creative uses for recycled plastic to share ideas with their classmates. Encouraged by their teachers to take action, students finally design and produce water bottles for sale to friends and families, not only helping the environment but also raising money for a charitable cause. Through this process, Dehong students learn how to communicate, work as a team, plan, take action and make a positive difference - all of this from just one question. This is how deep and lasting learning takes place.

SE21 is integrated, skills-based learning and students tackle real-life problems. This is learning with purpose, it happens at every age, both inside and outside of the classroom and the skills Dehong students master are essential for a successful and meaningful life.