2020 Chinese New Year Celebration丨Dehong Shanghai

On Wednesday and Thursday(16th Jan, 17th Jan),teachers and students from Dehong gathered together and held a Chinese New Year celebration. Activities were divided into elementary school and middle school.

The elementary school opened with an inspiring singing performance. Then, the Grade 3 brought a modern drama and Grade 4 gave a Martial arts performance. After enjoying these, there were achorus,Chinese dance and hip hop dance. Finally, there was a staff fashion show, and our teachers went to the stage and showed the Dehong style!

Students from middle school were divided into several performance groups and bands according their houses, which broughtus many wonderful performances. It's worth mentioning that this activity was planned and prepared by middle school students themselves! From program arrangement to stage effect, they all participated and were applaused. We believe through this experience, students must have gained a lot and it was also a good memory.

Here are the thoughts from teacher Mr. Leroux:

As a new member of the Dehong family, one of the highlights of teaching at this institution is seeing thestudents take ownership of their own learning.

In the case of the X-factor show, this project was organized by the students for the students. There were so many ingredients that had to come together to produce such a fantastic treat. The‘cherry on top’ was seeing such a different side to the students. The back stage worked seamlessly as each of the acts came up to perform, at the same time the lighting crew had the spotlights spot on. Choice in music, performance readiness, and confidence, the students really took this experience to another level. In my humble opinion, everyone involved with making this project possible is the winner.

I was lucky to be a part of this project and as my first Dehong X-factor experience, I hope it won’t be the last.

The two activities ended in laughter and applause,the new year atmosphere lingered in every corner of Dehong and wish you all a happy new year!