Dehong Shanghai Embark on a Theatrical Journey with the RSC

Shakespeare has been hailed as the "Zeus of the literary Olympus." His works are beloved for their dramatic plots and vibrant characters, as well as for their endless charm in exploring human nature. Even after centuries, these works continue to touch hearts and resonate with audiences.

The Royal Shakespeare Company brings stories to life. Through Shakespeare and other artists, the RSC brings people together to deepen our understanding of each other and the world around us, and to bring joy. The RSC creative work aims to be artist-led, resonant and daring, made with the most exciting and diverse artists from the UK and around the world – with diverse partners and audiences always at the centre. Over the last several years, our exclusive partnership with RSC Learning through a range of immersive projects and educational experiences has enabled thousands of students, teachers and the wider school communities across the network to benefit from the world of Shakespeare – developing complex language skills and increasing confidence.

In May, Mr. Oliver Lynes from RSC Learning, who has been working for the Royal Shakespeare Company for many years and recently moved into directing, brought a series of engaging and interactive workshops to our elementary and secondary school students. These workshops led everyone into the enchanting world of Shakespearean drama.

In Elementary Grade 5 workshop, each of the classes got to work with practitioner Mr. Oliver Lynes. They studied an extract from the Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth respectively. The workshops were a great way to introduce the students to William Shakespeare and his plays. And G5 parents and teachers were invited to come and watch a showcase of learning where the children performed what they had worked on with Mr. Oliver Lynes.

In the workshop for the secondary school students, under the guidance of Mr. Oliver Lynes, students sat in a circle, delving into the scripts, and deeply exploring the linguistic characteristics and psychological activities of each character. Immersed in their respective roles, they interpreted with authenticity and depth.

In this creative environment, students continuously explore and develop new skills and knowledge. Through this unique experience, they appreciate the charm of different cultures, eras, and languages, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare's classic works. In the workshops, teachers help students confidently express their thoughts and opinions in public. They encourage each other in collaboration, fostering performance and communication skills together. Many students expressed, "It's very interesting and challenging."

Mr. Oliver Lynes

Royal Shakespeare Company

"I've been working now with the RSC and EiM partnership for many years. And I love the partnership with what it offers to the students as well as myself as a director and workshop facilitator, I always find it fascinating coming and working with the excellent, like really well-rounded students that Dehong has. And it's just a real privilege for me to be able to come and share my expertise and my practice with the students. And they always respond really well, and I always feel very privileged to work alongside them."

The allure of performing is boundless, always bringing us new inspiration and insights. We will continue to develop and optimize teaching materials related to performing arts, empowering every student with a holistic education, helping them better understand themselves, comprehend life, and shine in their own way!