IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition 2024

The annual IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition is a grand showcase of Grade 12 students' artistic achievements and a highlight for the entire school community. This year, four students in Visual Arts have collaborated with our teachers to curate the event as part of their studies.

Mr. Andre Adami Jr. , 

Head of Arts of Secondary School - IB Visual Arts Educator

“I am delighted to witness the extraordinary display of talent by our students in this year's exhibition, a testament to the depth and artistic freedom afforded by the IB Visual Arts program. Our showcase features an eclectic mix of media, including site-specific installation art, performance art, video art, photography, oil painting, ceramics, drawing and watercolors. This diversity is crucial, as the program encourages students to select the media that best conveys their artistic intentions, fostering a rich thematic investigation. This year, we introduced new categories such as product design and architectural installations, with notable entries including functional lamps and models. These additions not only highlight the students' technical expertise, but also contribute a distinctive enchantment to our exhibition.

Students have engaged with profound themes such as the subtleties of identity, reflections on nuclear energy, mythology, and existentialism. Their artworks provide unique aesthetic insights and act as a compelling medium for the articulation of significant societal issues, mirroring the perspectives of the younger generation."

Grade 12 Karl D.


The initiative of Japan's nuclear waste emissions has led us to reconsider the significance and impact of nuclear energy. Karl's works delves into this topic regarding the consequences of the mismanagement from both mental and physical perspectives.


His works, ranging from the artwork "Pandora” which explores the hidden side of nuclear energy, to "Treehouse" which offers potential solutions, represent a deep investigation into the consequences of inadequate nuclear management.


By employing 3D media, Karl provides an immersive experience that visually captures the essence of nuclear energy and highlights its significant impacts from both psychological and physical perspectives. This not only educates but also raises awareness among viewers about the critical implications of nuclear energy.

Karl‘s Works

Grade 12 Andrew F.


Centering on a curated journey that contemplates the profound narrative of life as an epic adventure, Andrew presents a series of thought-provoking artworks inspired by his personal journey drawing from the wellspring of his life experiences. Andrew explains that his works rooted in the physical expeditions traversing mountains, river, and oceans with his father, and the virtual adventures undertaken during the isolating years of the pandemic through games and animations. These diverse escapades birthed his contemplation on life as an adventure, prompting a deep reflection on life and death, and the significance of his existential journey.


At the exhibition, intentionally arranged in a cyclical pattern, Andrew invites visitors to experience the cyclical nature of our existence. Each point in the exhibition is an invitation to not only appreciate art but also to contemplate the deeper meanings of life, much like a spiritual odyssey filled with courage and exploration.

Andrew‘s Works

Grade 12 Jenny Y.


Mythology, like dreams, is like a kind of creation; expressions of aspiration and revels internality of human. For Jenny, she delves into the concepts of myths, legends, and folklore through a diverse selection of artworks exploring the universal themes and motifs found in mythology, ranging from tales of creation, prover, and death to the exploration of human emotions.


Jenny includes a variety of mediums including sketch, paintings, collage, photography, and assemblage. She aims to bridge the gap between the ancient and the contemporary and invites audiences to immerse themselves in the timeless realm of storytelling and collective memory.

Jenny's Works

Grade 12 Vanessa Z.


Vanessa has carefully designed a journey of self-exploration and discovery from a unique perspective. She invites audiences to explore how identity is influenced by different factors, from individual to collective, from physical to psychological, from reality to dreams, thinking about, “Who am I?”and “What makes me who I am?”


Vanessa skillfully transitions the audience from the observer to participants, allowing them to experience her artistic world and communicate with her both physically and sensually. This transformation offers not only a visual spectacle but also a deep emotional engagement. Her works comprises artworks, spanning paintings, photography, videos, installations and performances. We find ourselves completely immersed in an artistic realm filled with imagination and reflective thought.

Vanessa's Works

Ms. Cynthia Chen,

IB Coordinator


“It's amazing to see how many fantastic artworks are presented at this event. Each student presents very profound thinking behind their works. The part we're so proud of is that all the students demonstrate amazing IB learner profile attributes and approaches to learning. We can clearly see the thinking skills, research skills, and inquiry process behind each piece of artwork. We believe that our students are fully encouraged and supported by our very professional staff to achieve such amazing work at the end of the journey.”

Ms. Rebecca Curtin,

Deputy Head of Secondary School


“In a complex and chaotic world, it's increasingly important for our students to be able to express their voice and develop an awareness, understanding and passion for the things that are happening in the world around them. An exhibition like this is a perfect way for students to show us what's in their minds and in their hearts. The DP programme is designed specifically for that, to let students find their pathways and find their passions. We're very proud of the students and the individuality that they've cultivated, and we're here tonight to celebrate their achievements.”

The IB Art Exhibition serves as a "coming-of-age" ceremony for students during their Secondary School life. Here, we witness their artistic creativity and deeply appreciate their exploration, analysis, and interpretation of social phenomena and personal identity throughout the creative process. We will continue to support and empower students in the arts. Together, let’s look forward to seeing them shine even brighter on their artistic journeys.