Dehong Shanghai Summer Charity Event Successfully Concludes

On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of Dehong, Shanghai Dehong Community, in collaboration with the 'One Planet Foundation', jointly composed a vibrant ode to public welfare. 

Through action, they manifested the concept of environmental protection and raised funds for the sustainable development of the migratory birds and habitats in Chongming Dongtan. Shanghai Dehong has been committed to guiding students and the community to love the earth on which we and our future generations depend, fostering a sense of responsibility and belonging among community members, and enabling every member to actively participate in sustainable development.

At the beginning of the event, Ms. Caroline Xu, the Executive Principal of Shanghai Dehong School and the initiator of the event, delivered a speech full of infectious enthusiasm, rallying every guest present to enthusiastically engage in charity event. She emphasized the shared intention of this event, stating, 'We all have the original intention to strive to protect the natural environment that we rely on for survival. We all believe that students' love for life and their gratitude towards the community can naturally be cultivated into an attitude and temperament through activities like today's school-community building event'.

This event was honored to invite Ms. Chen Lin, the Senior Manager of Environmental Education, Shenzhen One Planet Foundation Environmental Education Consultant, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), China. She delivered a fascinating speech titled 'From the Wilderness to the Classroom: Conservation and Education Practices by the One Planet Foundation.' 

Ms. Chen delved into the foundation's areas of work, particularly species conservation and public education projects, inspiring students and parents present through examples of projects like the conservation of the wild Northeast tiger and 'Nature Lessons in the Classroom'.

Subsequently, the silent auction kicked off, with guests bidding fervently on the carefully prepared charity items by students and parents of the school outside the theater. Whether it was artwork created by students or donated items, each carried their deep concern for ecological conservation. Even after the bidding ended, participants lingered in front of the items, deeply drawn by the dual value of art and charity they represented.

Following this, Teacher Chee Gee Yap and ‘his avian friend’ presented a unique performance. Through ventriloquism and beautiful singing, they jointly performed the song "What A Wonderful World," immersing the audience in a beautiful world of harmonious coexistence with avian friends. Teacher Yap's performance not only showcased his artistic talent but also conveyed genuine concern for migratory bird protection.

Later, Dr. Ren Wenwei's lecture elevated the event to new heights. As Professor in College of Environment Science and Engineering, Tongji University Member of Independent Advisor Committee for Ramsar Wetland City Accreditation Senior scientific advisor of One Planet Foundation, he vividly portrayed a mysterious picture of the world of migratory birds for the children. Through his introduction, every participant present gained a deeper understanding of the importance of migratory bird conservation and the responsibilities they should undertake.

" Guardians of Migratory Birds Habitat - Protection for Chongming Dongtan Wetland "

"The United Nations report emphasizes the survival threats faced by migratory species worldwide. The report points out that nearly half of migratory species are decreasing in number, with 20% even facing extinction. Chongming Dongtan Wetland is facing severe challenges such as global climate change, wetland land degradation, and human-bird conflicts, making the protection of Chongming Dongtan Wetland urgent."

With the successful conclusion of this unforgettable Dehong Community Summer Charity Event, we are full of gratitude and anticipation, looking forward to a brighter future of cooperation. Sincere thanks to every sponsor, participant, and all friends who care about and support environmental conservation efforts. In the days to come, we look forward to meeting again in the Shanghai Dehong Community. Let us join hands and contribute to the cause of sustainable development, becoming true future citizens with environmental awareness and global competence!