Dehong Swim Squad’s Outstanding Results At the Swimming Competition

4th November, our swim squad from Grade 2 to 7 students competed with Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi and YCIS in a swimming competition. Led by former National Athlete Maggie Xie, our swimmers achieved splendid results.

Harry, from Grade 7 won first place in the over 11 year old boys 50 metresbutterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. In the 4x50 metresrelay race, our squad won first and second place in the boys’ freestyle relay, first and third place in the boys’ medley relay and third place in the girls’ freestyle relay. 

Selected from Grade 3 to Grade 7, Dehong swim squad was compose of 28 athletes built on a passion for swimming. In future, we anticipate our students can experience the glory and triumph brought by a variety of competitions as well as such virtues as dedication and collaboration. 

Proud of Dehong swim squad and the PE team who have worked hard to achieve such remarkable results!