Elementary Book Week 2024

In Elementary School, we have had a special time focusing on reading for our Book Week. We had a lineup of exciting activities planned to ignite children's love for reading and storytelling, and dived into a world of literary adventures.

Let's journey through the vibrant activities of Book Week.


1.     Book Fair

During Book Week, every child could explore a treasure trove of books at our Book Fair, taking place throughout the week. With a wide selection of titles for all ages and interests, children are sure to find their next favourite read.

2.     Author Visit and Lectures

We had a fantastic opportunity for our students to have a presentation on ancient Chinese poetry by the author Ms. Lang. She recited and interpreted classic poems of spring. This was a great introduction to classic poetry to our first and second graders. It opened their minds and allowed them to imagine, feel the emotion and  see beauty between the lines. Ms. Lang also shared ancient poems to our grade three, four and five students. She explained the rules of levelling-up their work to inspire the students to create their own. In addition to this she showed the students the beauty of lyrical and musical nature of classical Chinese poetry.

We were thrilled to welcome Mr. Adam Bushnell, a renowned children's author from the UK. Working with Grade one, they shared stories, insights, and inspiration with our students, sparking their creativity and love for storytelling.

3.     Reading Across Class

Through "Reading Across Class", students from upper and lower grades shared stories, building friendships. This not only improved upper grades students' reading and communication skills but also sparked lower grades students' interest in reading and widened their perspectives.

4.     Parents Reading Session

Book Week has received overwhelming support and participation from parents, who have prepared a captivating array of stories to share heartwarming reading moments with their children. This not only expands children's learning beyond the classroom but also facilitates the acquisition of valuable knowledge through intimate parent-child interactions.

5.     Book Character Dress-Up Day

Beyond reading, students and teachers dressed up as their favourite book character. The stories seemed to leap off the pages, transporting us into a world full of wonder and imagination.

"Book Week" blended reading with a range of vibrant activities, sparking the children’s interest and boosting their reading skills, making reading a joyous experience. Going forward, we'll keep up with reading-related events, fostering a top-notch reading atmosphere, and supporting children as they grow and explore through reading.