Math Kangaroo National Top Gold +4

Recently, the results of the 2024 Math Kangaroo awards have been announced, and our Elementary School students have won 111 awards, including 4 National Top Gold (Top 5%). 

Math Kangaroo is the world's largest youth math competition for students in grades 1-12, launched in 1980 by renowned Australian mathematician Peter O'Halloran.

Math Kangaroo's focus is on improving students' math scores and teaching them new strategies for solving word and logic problems, helping them with critical thinking and gaining confidence in the classroom.

The event awards are divided into Global Awards (Math Kangaroo Perfect Score, which will be awarded to students with full marks), and National Awards(Top Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Proficiency Award).

• Top Gold Award: Top 5%

• Gold Award: Top 15%

• Silver Award: Top 25%

• Bronze Award: Top 40%

• Proficiency Award: Top 25% by Province / Municipality / Autonomous Region / Special Administrative Region (after national awards)

Felix Y. (Grade 1), National Top Gold

Felix Y. (Grade 1)

National Top Gold

Interest is the ultimate guide! I have a fervent passion for logic puzzles and numerical games. At home, board games and math-themed picture books are my trusted companions in the journey of knowledge exploration. The Kangaroo Math class at school has unveiled a realm of mystery for me, instilling in me the courage to push my boundaries. Witnessing my own progress and receiving acknowledgment fills me with boundless joy. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of mathematics alongside more friends in the future, uncovering even greater delights and mysteries together!

Derek G. (Grade 3), National Top Gold

Derek G. (Grade 3) 

National Top Gold

This marks my second participation, and each instance has deeply underscored the unique allure and complexity of mathematics. Throughout the preparation phase for the competition, I dedicated myself to practicing past exam questions. This not only unveiled my areas of deficiency but also prompted targeted reinforcement training. When confronted with problem-solving, I cultivated a demeanor of calm contemplation and patient analysis. Confronted by daunting challenges, I eschewed surrender, persisting in relentless trial and exploration until discovering viable solutions. Engaging in this endeavor has not only refined my logical faculties but also significantly bolstered my adeptness in problem resolution. To me, mathematics transcends mere formulas and numerical constructs; it embodies a creative mode of thought and serves as a potent instrument for tackling real-world dilemmas. I remain resolute in my commitment to continued advancement and eagerly anticipate achieving even greater milestones in my ongoing mathematical pursuits.

Freddy H. (Grade 5), National Top Gold

Freddy H. (Grade 5)

National Top Gold

I have a strong passion for mathematics. Alongside my regular classroom studies, I actively engage in various math competitions. To prepare for this particular event, I dedicated myself to practicing past exam questions to sharpen my problem-solving skills. Additionally, I meticulously analyzed the competition rules to minimize errors. Throughout the problem-solving process, I employed diverse methods for verification, ensuring the accuracy of my answers. When faced with challenging problems, I opted to temporarily set them aside, returning to tackle them after resolving other questions to maintain my momentum. Winning this competition not only validates my study methods but also provides significant encouragement. I am committed to continued diligence, exploring the boundless possibilities of mathematics, and eagerly anticipate achieving even greater successes in the future!

Let's congratulate them again and look forward to our students making even greater progress!