Mid-Autumn Festival |  A Journey Through Ancient Times with Dehong

This year, in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, our Elementary School brought a vibrant series of activities to our students. These activities were carefully designed to immerse students in the beauty of the festival and instill in them the values and spirit of traditional Chinese culture.   

Our campus was adorned with luminous lanterns, full moons and delicious mooncakes, elements symbolic of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Our students, bedecked in traditional Chinese attire, transported us back in time, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of ancient China. 

The Origin and Customs of Mid-Autumn Festival 

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a yearly celebration. 

In Grade 1, the teacher approached the topic from various angles including mythological tales, poetic literature, and cultural practices, helping students to fully comprehend and appreciate the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Meanwhile, our Grade 2 students initiated a 'Mid-Autumn Festival Storytelling' project. They captivated the audience by narrating the history of the Mid-Autumn Festival and sharing their personal reminiscences, adding a vibrant touch to the festival's rich tapestry. 

Ice-cream Mooncake Making 

Guided by a professional chef, our G1 students engaged in  Mooncake Making Workshop. The anticipation was palpable as students anxiously gathered round to sample their culinary creations. Many chose their best-looking mooncakes to take home, eager to share these edible symbols of the festival with their families. 

Traditional Fans and Lamps 

The teachers arranged a  fan drawing activity  for the G2 students. The students fully unleashed their creativity and artistic prowess, masterfully 'wielding their brushes and splashing ink' across the fans, which resulted in a collection of vivid, engaging, and visually striking pieces. 

The G3 students drew moon lamps. Students dipped their brushes in a kaleidoscope of colors, letting their imaginations run free to layer the paint on. 

The G4 and G5 students took on the challenge of making cartoon flower lamps. Guided by their deft hands, the traditional flower lamps were brought to life with animated cartoon elements. 

Traditional Sport Games 

The G5 students also took part in traditional sport games in throwing the arrows, Three legged race, Traditional Chinese football and Kicking the Jianzi (shuttlecock). 

After the afternoon filled with activities, the children had their imaginative juices flowing, richening their experience and their emotional connections. Unknowingly, they gained a deeper understanding of the Mid-Autumn Festival as well as Chinese traditional culture and customs.