Dehong Shanghai 's 10th Birthday Celebration

As time flows and moments gently pass by, recently, the Grade 3 children of Dehong Shanghai welcomed their 10th birthday celebration.

Flipping through the album of growth, the cries of infancy still echo as if they were just heard, marking the prologue of the children's lives. The innocent faces evoke warm memories of past years for both children and parents. Amidst laughter and joy, everyone shares the delight of growing up, reflecting on the bits and pieces of the past decade, listening to the unforgettable moments in the children's hearts, feeling the happiest moments in the eyes of their parents; every detail embodies the deep love and boundless expectations parents have for their children.

In this special celebration, the children prepared splendid performances, brimming with a sense of ceremony. Reciting ‘At Ten, I Want to Say’, chorusing ‘Cao Cao’ and ‘Try Everything’, singing and dancing to ‘Rice Fragrance’... each performance witnesses the children's growth.

Ms. Matthews,Head of Elementary School:


"Growing up is all about learning and discovering new things,just like flowers grow from seeds into beautiful plants. As we grow, we experience many changes. We learn new things in school. We make new friends, and we discover what makes us unique and special. But remember, with every change comes new opportunities to learn and grow.


Growing up is like riding a bike. It's about taking small steps, facing challenges and never giving up, even when it gets tough. As you journey through life, embrace all the changes that come your way. Remember to always be kind, be curious and be yourself. And most importantly, never stop believing in the incredible things you're capable of!"

Parents collectively extended their sincerest blessings to the children.

As the children held their parents' handwritten letters, their eyes gleamed with radiance. Though the letters were brief, the love of parents is profound and enduring. May they carry gratitude in their hearts, bravely chase their dreams, and become the shining stars of the future.

Amidst abundant blessings and expectations, the children sang birthday songs, shared sweet birthday cakes, and received surprise birthday gifts. May the children climb step by step on the path of growth, pursue their dreams, engrave their aspirations in time, open new chapters, and soar upward with the wind!