A Time Capsule To Be Opened In 2037

In 1939, a historic cache with the messages from Albert Einstein  was buried and will be opened at the same time in the year 6939. This historic cache was named Time Capsule which can take whatever form you like and last as long as you like. They can be as simple as a letter left undisturbed in an attic for 100 years. 

30th October, a time capsule with Dehong Founding school students’ "Message to the Future" letters and paintings was buried by our two headmasters in witness. And it will be opened in the year 2037.

Time capsules are vehicles for self-commemoration, a means to ensure that future scientists, artists and historians in the stories they tell. Time capsules are a helpful reminder that time marches on, with or without us. We consider it a form of commemorate the beginning of Dehong where the best of the west meets the best of the east.