Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony

In this lush and fragrant May, we held a grand and warm graduation ceremony for class of 2024. Looking back, our campus of yesteryears brimmed with laughter and joy, every applause, every bouquet, and every cheer bearing witness to our youths' perseverance and growth, witnessing their transformation from innocence to maturity. At this pivotal moment, we gather together to celebrate the dawn of their new chapter.

The graduation ceremony was initiated by Elaina, with her youthful and spirited singing, paying tribute to the past and extending heartfelt blessings to fellow classmates embarking on new journeys.

Ms. Caroline Xu, Executive Principal, Mr. Ryan Miles, Head of Secondary School, Ms. Cynthia Chen, IB Coordinator of Secondary School delivered speeches and expressed their heartfelt blessings to the graduates.

Ms. Caroline Xu(Executive Principal)

As we embrace global diversity, it's essential to steadfastly retain the core of our own culture. Our cultural roots endow us with a distinct identity and sense of belonging, serving as a source of strength and resilience. China's cultural heritage will serve as a beacon guiding us forward in the global community. Before embarking on your global journey, carry with you the knowledge and values you have acquired, demonstrating our adaptability, openness, and cultural awareness. We have every reason to believe that you will positively impact the world.

Mr. Ryan Miles(Head of Secondary School)

Reflecting on this, we realize that it is the pioneering spirit that drives us to step into the unknown, to take risks, and to embrace challenges with courage and determination. Over the past years, our Grade 12 students have demonstrated this spirit time and again. Look to the future with the same sense of wonder and curiosity that you have shown during your time here. The world beyond these walls is vast and filled with endless possibilities, much like the infinite universe above us. Enjoy.

Ms. Cynthia Chen (IB Coordinator of Secondary School)

Over the past 2 years, you, as a group of young risk-takers have undergone a number of tough moments, namely due dates, IA drafts, assessments and late nights, which has now built and instilled a solid set of outstanding attributes for the rest of your lives: resilience, confidence, determination, commitment and willpower. We are here today to celebrate the successes of your personal growth and say farewell to you with our best wishes.

Time flies, memories fade, but the gratitude towards our teachers and families remains etched in our hearts. At this significant moment, children also expressed their thoughts to teachers and parents.

Elaina P. & Dora Z.(Graduate Representatives)

The stars over Moganshan, the landscapes of Yangshuo, the deserts of Inner Mongolia, and the clouds over Chengdu hold our unique memories. During our years at Dehong, we’ve grown from innocent children into ambitious young adults.

We face global challenges such as climate crisis, wealth inequality, and the rise of AI testing human limits. In the face of these challenges, only by holding onto our youth, courage, and kindness, while maintaining humility, sharpness, and sincerity, can we turn challenges into opportunities in our respective paths.

Following this, Graduate Parent Representative conveyed affectionate and sincere blessings.

Andrew F.’s Mom(Graduate Parent Representative)

In the days of youth and high spirits, you strive to study for your own people, which is the best happening, I hope every student will stand in the world they love shining. As parents, we will always silently applaud your life.

Each graduate received a gift from their parents - a photo frame carrying precious memories and future hopes, a clothes hanger symbolizing an orderly future life, and a pen holder representing wishes for smooth academic and career paths ahead.

We presented them with their graduation certificates, hoping that they will achieve great success in their future endeavors.

Together, we watched videos, reminiscing about the growth moments of the children and receiving warm wishes from their parents and teachers.

Finally, Alice from G11 brought forth a piano piece, extending heartfelt blessings to her senior schoolmates.

Let us wish the graduates courageously embark on their journey of chasing dreams, opening up their own bright futures. May their paths ahead be filled with success and prosperity!