Dehong Shanghai Founder’s Day 2024

On 27th April, 2024, we marked the important milestone of Dehong Shanghai's 7th founder’s day with the theme "We are Together" on this splendid spring day. Gathering at Dehong Shanghai, we reflected on the past and looked ahead to the future.

Teachers, students, alumni, and parents came together, stepping into a futuristic space blending Dehong's red with sleek silver. Together, we enjoyed and participated in a diverse array of captivating activities and performances. At the specially curated phase 2 architectural concept checkpoint, we collectively celebrated and bore witness to the completion of Dehong Shanghai's new campus and the ongoing development of the school, experiencing firsthand its unique charm and excellence.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. David T. Yung, EiM Chief Investment Officer and Dehong Ambassador delivered a congratulatory speech, expressing gratitude for everyone's support.

Ms. Caroline Xu, Executive Principal of Dehong Shanghai, highlighted the significant progress Dehong has made in recent years and expressed gratitude to all. She acknowledged the challenges ahead but emphasized the importance of reflection on the past and shared aspirations for future success.

Subsequently, Mr. David T. Yung and Ms. Caroline Xu added the lion’s eyes, symbolizing the continuous prosperity of Dehong Shanghai. Following this, the auspicious ceremony marked the commencement of the Founder's Day celebration!

On this special day, members of the Dehong Shanghai Community presented wishes to the school in their own unique ways. Outstanding performances from bands, orchestras, choirs, dances, and various musical instruments, alongside awe-inspiring scientific show, powerful martial arts demonstrations, and Chinese martial arts, showcased the diverse culture of our family, where tradition and innovation intertwined to create a beautiful tapestry.


The academic and artistic displays were equally impressive. Each brilliant piece not only showcased the talents and efforts of Dehong students but also narrated how the school supports comprehensive student development. Here, every child finds their own stage to shine brightly.

On the sports field, sweat and perseverance intertwined to create the most beautiful scenery. Teachers, students, and parents competed together, and each effort, each leap, encapsulated the love and care of Dehong Shanghai Community, prompting applause for their wholehearted endeavors!

During the event, the charity sale attracted much attention, featuring various books, stationery, toys, as well as children's handcrafted calligraphy, paintings, and handicrafts, each bearing love and hope, adding a special warmth to the anniversary celebration.

As night fell, the cheerful atmosphere continued, with the interplay of light shows and dance. Our laughter and joy echoed in the night sky, converging into infinite aspirations and expectations for the future. Thanks to every member of Dehong Shanghai Community who participated and supported, our today is even more splendid because of you. Let us join hands and march forward together, embracing a brighter future.