Elementary Sports Day 2024

Recently, we held the 2024 Elementary School Sports Day! The event was a testament to the unwavering commitment and sportsmanship displayed by our students as they represented their respective houses with pride and dedication. It was a delight to witness each pupil actively engage in the various sporting events, showcasing their skills and teamwork on the field. 

The presence of parents at the event added a significant touch of encouragement and enthusiasm, creating a supportive environment that spurred our young athletes to perform at their best. The invaluable support extended by parents not only uplifted the spirits of the students but also fostered a strong sense of community and collaboration within our school.

Mini Games
Team Games
Fun Sport

Sports Day served as more than just a platform for friendly competition; it stood as a symbol of unity, fair play, and mutual respect among our students. Through this event, our pupils had the opportunity to demonstrate their athletic abilities, forge new friendships, and cultivate essential values of teamwork and perseverance. 
Reflecting on the success of this year's Sports Day, we express our deep appreciation for the exemplary commitment and passion exhibited by our students, parents, and faculty members. Together, we have created enduring memories and reinforced the ethos of unity and cooperation that will continue to guide us in our future endeavours.