MADD Festival 2024|Embracing the Arts Together!

The recent MADD Festival 2024, hosted by our sister school, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, marked a triumphant celebration of creativity and collaboration! MADD, spanning music, art, drama, and dance, stands as an annual testament to the vibrant arts and cultural tapestry within the community. The festival invites acclaimed professionals from various art fields who work together with the students on their creative projects under a specific theme each year.

This year, our teachers guided our Grade 4 and 5 students, together with peers and teachers from sister schools in China, Singapore, and South Korea. The students represented a number of different disciplines, including orchestral performances; choral singing; world percussion groups; art and design showcase and dance and drama performances. Each group prepared a small number of pieces or large-scale work within their specific area to highlight the new skills and added confidence developed over the days.


Notably, we were honored to welcome British author Adam Bushnell to provide invaluable guidance to our students throughout the festival. Amidst rehearsals, students not only immersed themselves fully in the festival's ambiance but also benefitted from the mentorship of seasoned professionals, crafting an enriching learning experience.

Following three days of intensive rehearsals and meticulous refinement of their craft, students dazzled audiences with their final performances. From fashion designs crafted from recycled materials, epitomizing the fusion of creativity and environmental stewardship, to the mesmerizing dragon dance parades exuding the allure of traditional culture, and the captivating performances by diverse musical ensembles, each interwoven with traditional and contemporary dance elements, spectators were treated to a sensory feast, leaving an indelible impression.

Ms. Rebekah Mulliner

Head of Performing Arts, Whole School

Seeing how Dehong students were able to bond and work together with students from other schools in such an impactful way was incredibly exciting to see; they were truly an excellent example of what a Dehong student should be – courageous, inquisitive and creative!

Mr. Matthew Tollitt

Head of Arts, Elementary School

During the MADD festival week, students developed their creative thinking, problem solving and independent thinking skills to showcase their artistic talents across a range of disciplines. Through collaboration and team work, Dehong Elementary Visual Arts students have excelled to create a resolved textile garment which uses recyclable materials in innovative and forward-thinking ways.


We eagerly anticipate that the students of Dehong Shanghai will continue to shine in their future endeavors, continuously surprising and moving us with their talent and enthusiasm.