Helping Your Child Develop Good Learning Habits

Researchers discovered that parents of high-achieving students had distinct styles of interacting with their children. They created emotionally supportive home environments and provided reassurance when youngsters encountered failure. They viewed school performance as being accomplished through regular practice and work. They accepted responsibility for assisting their children to acquire learning strategies, as well as a general fund of knowledge.

This Wednesday, Shou Guoying, the National Secondary Qualification of Psychological Counsellor, was invited to give a lecture about Helping Children Developing Good Learning Habits for our Dehong parents. This lecture was on a variety of topics regarding the significance of good learning habits, dos and don’ts.

Academic studies show there is a strong link between family involvement in student learning and the overall benefits for students, including increased academic performance. Shou Guoying pointed out the importance of parents communicating their expectations to their child and celebrate success. 

She also wrote us an article on Helping Your Child Defeat Procrastination which will be published soon!