Graduate Worldwise Roadshow at Dehong

The “Graduate Worldwise” promotional video has been launched across the schools recently. To help Dehong students and staff understand the meaning of the tagline, Dulwich College International came to Dehong and hosted a fun and interactive roadshow. 

The Chinese meaning of Graduate Worldwise is 明德致知 which originates from Da Xue, one of the Four Books and Five Classics. 明德 means having integrity and high moral character; 致知 means gaining knowledge. 志闳天下 has a close meaning to 智胜全球 which means having the ability and ambition to make a positive difference in the world. 

What is Graduate Worldwise?

Today’s world is not the world our children will inherit. For it is changing faster than ever before. At Dulwich College International, we help students prepare for a future that is indefinable. We draw knowledge and inspiration from our past and look ahead with a curriculum designed to encourage new ideas, collaborative learning, and a pioneering spirit. We believe education must go beyond books, bricks, and mortar. Instead, it must be a bridge to the world, with teachers who put students first so they become doers, creative thinkers, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow. We are creating the best schools in the world, a connected global family of schools so our students graduate world wise.

During the roadshow, students, staff and parents were able to learn the meaning of Graduate Worldwise by watching the video. In addition, they were able to upload their selfies and write a short message about their ideas of the tagline.