Happy Teachers' Day!

One year ago, we came to this beautiful campus and started the journey of creating the best school in China.

We believe what we are doing is to offer all the best to support our children to head for their future success.  We know what the best education should be:  To help children enjoy school, enjoy learning, enjoy creating, enjoy thinking, enjoy communicating, enjoy collaborating and enjoy being part of a community. Of course, they also have to learn to enjoy the challenges, difficulties, frustrations and failure which are also part of their future life.

At Dehong, we offer our children a well-designed curriculum which integrates the best of the west and the best of the east. We offer our children a bilingual learning environment which enables them to learn in their mother tongue and English. We offer our children different Qidi programmes which help them to explore and try new challenges. We offer our children the experiences of concerts, drama plays, talent shows, residential trips, sport games, art exhibitions, eastern and western festivals and most of the Dulwich College International event opportunities.

All of those lead to children’s recognition and understanding of what learning is, how to make progress and how to face difficulties and challenges.

On this special day for us teachers, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for everything you have done for our children.

I know you will refuse to accept any valuable gifts from your students, but you will never refuse to accept their lovely smiles and greetings.  You will definitely enjoy their progress in learning, their confidence in performing, their creativity in designing and their success in competing.

This is my 28th Teachers’ Day. I really understand that to be an educator means you have selected one of the most enjoyable and rewarding professions, and it also means you have selected one of the most challenging and with the most difficult problems in the world to solve.

As the leader of the school, to look back at the whole year we experienced, it is quite an achievement to see the journey we took from the first day and to see every step of progress we made.

The growth and development of Dehong are because of your effort. It is based on your passions, your courage, and your efforts. The passions and belief you have for what outstanding education is, the courage you have to face difficulties and challenges. The efforts you make to lead the children to success. 

Happy Teachers' Day!