Dehong Education Launches “Yung Wing Scholarship”

Mr. Yung Wing (Rong Hong),the 'Father of Chinese Overseas Students' , once said: “ I was determined that the rising generation of China should enjoy the same educational advantages that I had enjoyed; that through western education China might be regenerated, become enlightened and powerful.” To carry on Mr. Yung's pioneering spirit and patriotic sentiments, and his long-cherished wish to propel China through education, Dehong Education has established the “Yung Wing Scholarships", which aims to inspire more young people in China to pursue their dreams and academic aspirations and helps shape them into future leaders who will spearhead the development of China and even the world.

To pay tribute and carry on the legacy

Mr. Yung Wing devoted his entire life to promoting China's modernisation through the power of education. His educational experience at a missionary school introduced him to a diverse spectrum of cultural knowledge and ideas, which paved the way for his studying abroad. In 1854, he became the first Chinese student to graduate from Yale University, and returned to China in the same year. At that time, China was undergoing drastic changes. With the enthusiasm to "return home with an education and serve the country", Yung Wing returned to China and tried to revitalise the country's industrial development by introducing science and technology from abroad. In doing that, he discovered that one of the best ways to create innovators is to offer alternative pathways and approaches to learning for students.

                                                                                                                              Mr. Yung Wing

Through nearly 20 years of hard work, Yung facilitated China's first official program to send students to study abroad, under which 120 Chinese children were sent to the United States to study and they then entered top universities such as Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology after many years of stay. Thanks to their education in the U.S., these students were able to make outstanding contributions to China's civil affairs, as well as the development in engineering and scientific fields. Among them, they included Tang Shaoyi, the first prime minister of the Republic of China, Zhan Tianyou, a renowned railway engineer, and Tang Guo'an, the first president of Tsinghua College, the predecessor of Tsinghua University, amongst others. The idea of “studying abroad and returning home to serve the country” advocated by Yung Wing has profoundly influenced generations of Chinese youth, and in turn, they have made significant impact on the trajectory of Chinese history.

The official programme for studying abroad opened a new chapter in the history of Sino-foreign cultural exchanges, and Mr. Yung Wing gained the reputation as the "Father of Chinese Overseas Students". Mr. Yung devoted his entire life to disseminating Western ideals in China for the prosperity of the nation and its people. To carry on Yung Wing's spirit is the original aspiration of Dehong Education, and it is also the mission of the "Yung Wing Scholarships".

To unite and promote

To pay tribute to Mr. Yung Wing and inherit the century-old Yung Wing Spirit, Dehong Education has announced the establishment of the "Yung Wing Scholarships". "We hope to encourage the young generation of China to always be passionate about the world, be curious, pioneering, entrepreneurial, and ready to embrace change, be able to apply what's learned to actual practice, and contribute to the betterment of the community, the country, and even the world,” said Mr. David T Yung, Executive Director of Dehong Education, and great-grandson of Mr. Yung Wing.

The "Yung Wing Scholarships" established by Dehong Education includes the "Dehong Scholar Award" and the "Yung Wing Scholar Award", which target students at high school and university levels, respectively:

  • "Dehong Scholar Award" is open to students who apply to become first or second-year students at Dehong High School. It covers the tuition fees for studying at Dehong High School every year until graduation. Students who receive the Dehong Scholar Award should not only exhibit outstanding academic capability and good conduct, but also outstanding teamwork spirit and leadership skills. At the same time, the school will also give personalised university counseling and support for the scholarship recipients to help them apply to leading universities in the world.
  • "The "Yung Wing Scholar Award" aims to commend the Dehong High School graduates who best embody the Yung Wing Spirit. The award will cover the university tuition up to 4 years and support these students to further their studies in the world's top universities.

The "Yung Wing Scholarships" is planned to be rolled out in all Dehong schools in Shanghai, Beijing and Xi'an.  Among them, Dehong schools in Shanghai and Beijing will see the first batch of "Dehong Scholar Award" winners in September this year followed by Dehong Xi'an next year. We hope they will, with the support of the "Yung Wing Scholarships", continue to push forward with determination, pursue their dreams with what they learn, always seek truth, be creative and innovative, and contribute to the realisation of the Chinese Dream and the progress of the world, writing a new chapter of the Yung Wing Spirit on today's world stage.

About "Dehong Scholar Award"

  • Open to current Grade 9 and Grade 10 students (both current Dehong students and transfer students)
  • One-time award in order to complete your schooling in Dehong High School
  • The final candidate will be decided by the Dehong Scholarship Committee

Application Procedure

   If you are applying for Dehong Grade 10,

  • Stage 1: Complete Scholarship Application Form and provide application materials (personal statement and proof for academic excellence, etc.)
  • Stage 2: In-School Preliminary Assessment Activities, including CAT4 and individual interview
  • Stage 3: In-School Final Assessment Activities, including group discussion in English/Chinese

    If you are applying for Dehong Grade 11,

  • Stage 1: Complete Scholarship Application Form and provide application materials (personal statement and proof for academic excellence, etc.)
  • Stage 2: In-School Preliminary Assessment Activities, including CAT4 and individual interview
  • Stage 3: In-School Final Assessment Activities 
    • Day 1: Chinese A, English A/B and group discussion in English
    • Day 2: Mathematics, one IBDP subject assessment based on subject interest

Application Materials

  • Scholarship Application Form, including personal information, education background, academic results, IBDP subject interest, etc.
  • Zhongkao results or first mock Zhongkao transcript or proof for academic excellence
  • Valid IELTS (academic) score(≥6.0)/ TOEFL equivalent score
  • Personal statement in English within 500 words

Please click and download the "Scholarship Application Form" above. Complete and send it along with the relavant materials to [email protected]. If you have any questions during the process, please call the Admission Office: 021-2325 1309.