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Elementary School

Elementary School includes Grade 1 to 5 (ages 6 to 11) and encourages students to discover, question and explore. Individual characters are developed whilst cultivating empathy.
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Middle School

Middle School includes Grade 6 to 9 (ages 11 to 15) and offers a national standard curriculum enhanced with international education philosophy and approaches.
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High School

High School includes Grade 10 to 12 (ages 15 to 18) offering an international high school course customised for Dehong students to prepare them for world-leading universities.
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Events & Calendar

  • 15
    Mar 2018
    Aaron Blaise Workshop
  • 24-28
    Mar 2018
    Elementary School Games
  • 12
    Apr 2018
    Dehong Founder's Day
  • 13-15
    Apr 2018
    ECO Camp
  • 23-26
    May 2018
    MADD Beijing
We take a holistic approach to every child’s learning and school experience, aiming to develop students intellectually morally, and spiritually. This includes a variety of stimulating, challenging, and fun learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom that help develop the 6Cs.
Teaching Faculty
Dehong Chinese International School has an experienced international teaching faculty. Our teachers come from all over the world with extensive teaching experiences.
As part of the DCI family, Dehong students will have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and benefit from DCI initiatives.
Like students from our sister schools, Dehong students will benefit from our unique university counselling curriculum that starts preparing them as early as Grade 6 for university and careers beyond school.